Quami Ekta Week

The Equal Opportunity Cell , Dhemaji College observed “Kabi Sanmilan” on 21st November,2016 as a part of celebration of “Quami Ekta Week”. Noted poet Navin Kaman participated as the Chief Guest in this programme which was chaired by Dr. D. Kr. Neog, Principal, Dhemaji College.

ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on “Rural Development: Its Strategies, Issues and Challenges in North-East India” Date: 24th & 25th Sept, 2016. Collaboration: Equal Opportunity Cell.

Equal Opportunity Cell (Women Study Center)

Mrs. Dipali Neog, Coordinator
Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Socilogy
Dhemaji College
  (+91) 8753953612

List of Members

  • All women teaching and non teaching staff of the college.

As a Coordinator of Equal Opportunity Cell, Dhemaji College, Mrs Dipali Neog, Asstt. Professor of Dhemaji College participated in three days Workshop from 21st Sept to 23rd Sept, 2016 on “Protection on Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), 2005”. The workshop was sponsored by National Institution of Public Co-operation and Child Development Regional Center, Guwahati, and organized by NIPCCD, Guwahati.


  • An Annual Journal “DAPUN” (ISSN: 2349-5057)

Activities of Women Study Center

From March 2016 to February 2017

The women Study Center, Dhemaji College observed International Women Day, 2016 in collaboration with Mother Teresa Village organization at Basudeva Tiniali M.E. School on 8th March 2016. Invited speaker Dr Labanya Hazarika , Librarian , Dhemaji College spoke at length about the theme “Pledge for Priority”. The meeting was presided over by Prof. Mala Kokila Gogoi, president, WSC and the objectives explained by Dr. Dolly Boruah, Co-ordinator, WSC, Dhemaji College. The inaugural speech was delivered by Dr. Dipak Kr. Neog, Principal, Dhemaji College. “Dapun” the Annual Magazine, ISSN: 2394-5057 of WSC, Dhemaji College, edited by Prof. Anurupa Chutia and Puspapreeti Morang was inaugurated by the Principal. A “Bator Nat” performed by the students of the college on this occasion.

Prof Anurupa Chutia and Dr.Dolly Boruah jointly attended the annual conference of the Women Study Center organized by ACTA, on 2nd October, 2016 at Pachim Guwahati College, (B Zone), Guwahati. Prof Anurupa Chutia, Dept of Assamese appointed as a member of the Editorial Board, “Bikiron” the Annual Magazine published by the Dhemaji-Dhakuakhana Zone.

From March 2015 to February 2016

(A Report prepared by Dr. Dolly Boruah, Coordinator of WSC, Dhemaji College, Dhemaji)

The women Study Center, Dhemaji College observed International Women Day, 2015 in collaboration with Mulagabharu SHG at Sripani Janajati Girls High School on 9th March 2016. Prof Dipali Neog, Anurupa Chutia and Dolly Boruah attended the International Women Day 2015 on 8th March, organized by ACTA, Dhemaji – Dhakuakhana Zonal Committee in collaboration with Dhemaji ADP, world Vision India at Kulajan Community Hall. ‘Dapun’ Magazine of WSC, Dhemaji College, edited by Prof Dipali Neog was inaugurated by S.P. Dhemaji District.

The World Environment Day, 2015 was observed by WSC, Dhemaji College at Dhemaji College Conference Hall. An Spot Art Competition was held for that special occasion.

Prof Dipali Neog, Dept of Sociology and Dr. Dolly Boruah, Dept of History jointly attended the annual conference of the Women Study Center, organized by ACTA on 30th Sept 2015 at Nalbari College, Nalbari.

Above all, Prof Anurupa Chutia, Dept of Assamese, selected as the Asstt. Secretary of the Dhemaji Dhakuakhana Zone for the session 2015-16

From March 2013 to February 2014

(A Report prepared by Dr. Annajyoti Gogoi, Coordinator of WSC, Dhemaji College, Dhemaji)

On 8th March, 2013

The women study center of Dhemaji College in collaboration with “Mahila Samiti, Matikhula” observed International Women’s Day at Matikhula M.V. School, Dhemaji. In a day long programme the center organized popular talks among women of the area. The theme of the popular talk was ‘Role of Women in the growth and personality development of children’. Invited speakers were Binita Garodia, Ex Headmistress of Girls’ H.S. School, Dhemaji, Mrs Kunjalata Saikia Borah, Project officer of ICDS Dhemaji and Dr. Dolly Boruah, Asstt Professor, Dhemaji College, who spoke at length about the significant role that mothers play in the development of personality of children. All the three speakers stressed upon the various duties and responsibilities that woman as mothers have towards their children and how they can shape their character by setting examples.

On 8th March, 2013, Prof. Krishna Rani Borah attended a meeting organized by Santipur Mahila Samiti, sponsored by Dhemaji Zila Mahila Samiti, Dhemaji Zila Samanay Raksha Mahila Samiti and State Resource Center, Dhemaji. Prof. KrishnaRani Borah attended the said meeting as Resource person and spoke on “Relevance of International Women’s’ Day”

Research Projects

On a minor research project by Mrs. Dipali Neog, Asstt. Professor of Sociology Department of Dhemaji College is working on the topic “Problems of Scheduled Tribes Women: A Study with special reference to two Sonowal Kachari Villagaes under Aradhal Panchyat” Dhemaji District Assam. Mrs Aparna Chutia’s (Asstt. Professor of the same Department) project on the topic entitled “Participation of women in Politics, with special reference to Dhemaji Development Block, Dhemaji, Assam” has already been submitted to the Principal

On 20th March, 2013

Professor K.R. Borah was a Resource Person in a Legal Awareness Programme on “Legal Laws on Violence against Women, organized by Assam Women Commission in collaboration with Dhemaji District Social Welfare office and Women Cell, Dhemaji District, held at DRDA Conference Hall.

On 5th May, 2013

Professor K.R. Borah, member of women cell, Dhemaji College attended on awareness camp on Women Empowerment, organized by Moridhal, Lakhipathar Mahila Samiti and sponsored by Family Counseling Center, Dhemaji and Dhemaji Mahila Samiti organized on 5th May, 2013, she spoke as Resource person on Problems of Women and its eradication.

On 8th May, 2013

An educational cum awareness drive on the theme “ Crime Against Women” was conducted by the Women Cell, Dhemaji College. At the CECDC Auditorium of Dhemaji College, on 8th May, 2013, the event was preside over by Dr. Budhin Borauh, Principal Dhemaji College and attended by Superintendent of Police, Dhemaji District, Co-coordinator of Mahila Samata Society, Dhemaji, besides members of women cell and Women from different walks of life.

The aim of the drive was to create awareness among people regarding “Crime against Women”. The coordinator Women Cell, President, SP, Coordinator of Mahila Samata Society spoke on their views and opinions on the related topic. Trafficking of girl child and young women, female infanticides, gender inequality, kidnapping, prostitution, wife battering, sexual assaults, rape and murder, dowry deaths were issues that found special mention in the talks delivered by the appointed speakers.

The speakers stress upon the fact that the mindset of the people needs to be changed with changing times. Our minds need to be free from the orthodox thoughts of the by gone times. Women employment is the need of the hour. While we see our women taking lead roles in most male dominated avenues on one hand, we also have women who continue to be trapped under male dominance; on the other crime against women is a topic that finds top place in most local and national dailies. Women continue to be harmed, both physically as well as mentally, all over the world.

Role of young generation was also stressed upon by the speakers. Young people besides pursuing a career should also feel responsible towards their society, and in removing social evils such as crime against women.

Women are always viewed as a sex symbol by opposite sex, therefore they ought not to dress up vulgarity, thus inviting the attraction or attention of men. The programs ended on the positive note that if society comes together, we can stop crime against women.

On 26th May, 2013

Prof Mala Kokila Gogoi, convenor women cell, Dhemaji- Dhakuakhana Zonal Committee , attended a meeting arranged by Women Cell, ACTA at ACTA guest house on 26th May 2013. Presided over by ACTA president Prof. Rana Changmai, the meeting was attended by Dr. Jayanta Boruah, Treasurer ACTA, Prof. Amiya Patar, Secy, Women Cell, ACTA, Dr. Swarnalata Das, Vice President Women Cell, ACTA and other office bearers. The members discussed means to wake Women Cell of ACTA more strong and active. Other issues discussed were, social responsibility, leadership, interference in social justice towards women, extension of maternity leave etc. Prof Mala Kokila Gogoi handed over a few copies of DAPUN ( Annual Magazine of Women Cell, Dhemaji College), which was well accepted and appreciated.

On 5th June, 2013

World Environment Day was observed at Dhemaji College Town High School, Dhemaji on 5th june in Collaboration with Eco-Club and DNA Club of Dhemaji Town High School. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Bedawati Gohain Boruah, Associate Professor, Dept of Philosophy, Dhemaji College. The meeting was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Bordoloi, Head Master, Dhemaji Town High School. The Chief guest of the meeting was Dr. Budhindra Boruah, Principal, Dhemaji College. He delivered his talk on the importance of conservation of our environment. He also shared his thoughts on his recent trip to Japan and strategies taken by the Japanese people in conservation of their environment. This was followed by a speech by the resource person Mr. Debojit Phukan, Secretary, “Megamix Nature Club” of Dhakuakhana. He delivered his talk on wastage of food and its effects on global warming and biodiversity loss. The next speech was by the resource person Mr. Shyamanta Pegu, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Botany, Dhemaji College. He gave a power point presentation on food wastage and its problem, economic impact and how to reduce food waste and lead to economic development.

3rd February, 2014

Three members of Women Cell, Dhemaji College were invited to deliver counseling and motivational talks to girl students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Dhemaji on 3rd February 2014.

Prof. Mala Kokila Gogoi, Prof. Dipali Neog and Prof. Mousomi Sharma spoke on some important issues relating to women. Prof. M.K. Gogoi spoke on the importance of the girl child and how to motivate young girls to face today’s competitive world.

Prof. Mousumi Sharma emphasized on the value of time and stress management. The talks were attended by girl students ranking from class 6-12. Lady teachers of the school too were present at this extension activity of members of women cell, Dhemaji College.

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